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Minutes of SPARC Board Meeting – September 9, 2020

Meeting started at 19:27 EDT.

In attendance: President Pat AA0O President, Vice-President Lisa KC1YL, Treasurer Tom AI4QP, Past President Bob N2ESP, Board Members: Dee N4GD, John KI4IUP and Tom NY4I (scribe),  President-emeritus and VE Team: lead: Donn N4KII, Station Trustee Dave KR4U


Dee will determine if the Pinellas Park status of gatherings in parks has changed. Final decision to proceed or not by end of September.

Club Station

  • Rich KO4WWW has the top of the tower to reweld. Pat to check with him for an update.
  • Pat is also looking at options such as Heights tower to consider a winch system so the tower can be down normally.
  • No reported action on the Duke Energy noise abatement.
  • Tom NY4I plans to substitute the KPA1500 amplifier with a Flex radio and SPE1.3 Amplifier. The K3 will remain as the local contest radio and the Flex will be for the remote. The SPE amplifier can be used by both the K3 and Flex (not at the same time of course).


  • 220 antenna looks to be damaged. Dee will be going to site to check the power on the 220 repeater to make sure it is not damaged. An insurance claim will be filed after Dee’s report.
  • 2m and 440 repeaters are operational.

Meeting adjourned at 20:14 EDT.

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