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2018-05-04 Minutes of Saint Petersburg Amateur Radio Club (SPARC)

Meeting began at 07:30 PM at DMI Research. Secretary’s report was accepted by unanimous consent and is on the club web site. Treasurer’s report: Starting balance: $4,436.88 Income: Dues $60.00 ½ & ½ $26.00 Equipment sale / JS Acct $745.00 SPARC Equipment Sale $20.00 STA. Drinks & Snacks $35.00 TARC-Fest SPARC Table Sales $440.00 Expenses: Meeting Ref. $12.00 Browns / New Badge Layout $10.00 TARC-Fest Entry & Table Fee $11.00 Bank Debit Acct. Analysis Fee $2.60 Ending balance: $5,727.28 Report was read and accepted by unanimous consent. Vice President’s Report Today’s presentation is on Wi-Fi. Next month’s presentation is on our repeaters. Net manager reported: 575 Contacts were made 38 Sessions were held 1256 Minutes total duration Station trustee reported we participated in the QSO party for 10 hours on Saturday, and 10 hours on Sunday, with a total of 1263 contacts over the 20 hour period, accumulating a total of 333,432 points. Thirteen operators participated. Repeater trustee reported all 3 repeaters are up and running. We paid $25 for a used UHF repeater and 30 inch cabinet. Ed (NZ1Q) reported the 220 MHz repeater is now connected to EchoLink. The 220 MHz repeater can now be accessed using EchoLink. VE reported testing on the 17th that 4 new Techs passed and 1 General upgraded to Extra. Testing on the 28th had 1 upgrade to Extra and 1 new Tech. Testing will be held at 6:30 pm on the 15th at DMI research and at 10:00 am on the 26th at the Lealman Firehouse. New members were accepted by unanimous consent: George (KN4LVA) and Billy (KN4LUZ). Old business: Tom (NY4I) reported the DX Lab workshop held at DMI Research had 9 participants. We will be participating in joint Field Day with CARS and UPARC. Setup starts at 8:00 am and operating starts at 2:00 pm. The clubs will provide meat and drinks. Club members are asked to bring Covered dishes. We need people to help with setup and teardown. Tom (NY4I) made a motion for the club to approve up to $200 for needed common supplies for Field Day. Bob (KC4SXO) seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous consent. Volunteers are needed to assist the Field Day committee. Three stations will be setup inside with antennas and power generation setup outside. One station will be setup for phone, one for CW, and one for Digital modes. We will be using the W4TA call. New business: A new club badge is available with club logo and larger size font. The new badge is available from the treasurer for $13. The Wormfest is being held on the 26th at Freedom Lake Park, entrance is free. Glen N4GRC, made a presentation on Wi-Fi. Copies will be posted on the SPARC web site. An additional new member was accepted by unanimous consent: Paul Stephenson (no license). The meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm. Minutes by club member Paul Krahmer, KA4IOX

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