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EchoLink has returned to the SPARC 220 Repeater

EchoLink is now reconnected to the SPARC 224.660 repeater for voice access.

The setup uses a PC running EchoLink software, which is connected to a 220 radio+antenna within range of the repeater site in St Pete, FL.   When a ham station running EchoLink on their PC, tablet, smartphone, etc, connects to NZ1Q-L using their EchoLink software and PC, they then have access to the repeater from any location in the world as long as they have Internet connectivity.

The Internet links the PCs and EchoLink software together and to the 220 MHz radio on the repeater frequency.  The software program can be easily downloaded from EchoLink.

Any licensed ham can register their call with EchoLink and begin using the software, which also allows connection to many other stations directly, other repeaters and links.

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